Integrated Development Studies Institute (IDSI)

Its advocacies

• Are formulated for balance, for differing sectors, with special slant for system approach, for the underprivileged / under-represented, always with a wholistic, multi-disciplinary practical approach.
• Have resulted in significant changes in the decisions of organizations and legislations, government policies on energy, insurance, investments, philanthropy and international positions on politics and trade.

Its members

• Include former and current public and private leaders including diplomats, technocrats, trade negotiators, researchers & scholars
• Have been resource people for government agencies and local & international media (CNN, Bloomberg, Channel News Asia, China Daily, ANC, UNTV, Philstar, PDI, etc.)
• Have been advisors for investments and charity foundation facilitators and trainors & promoters for entrepreneurship, technology, and policy.

IDSI promotes Practical, Integrated, and Multidisciplinary (PIM) approaches in current global issues and international and local developments for the benefit of more Filipinos. It engages in research cooperations, media and institutional dissemination of practical findings, project assistance and implementation, domestic and international policy formulation and lobbying, relationship building between parties.

It cooperates with several private and public organizations, business chambers, and research institutions.

To explore future collaborations, please email us at