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New Worlds

Why gamble the Filipinos’ future?

PHILIPPINE anti-China hawks, Americanophiles and US military strategists have won the struggle for the fundamental direction of the Philippine foreign policy. Indeed, despite denials, the Philippines has clearly chosen to side with the US in its seminal contest with China for hegemony in the region. The Marcos Jr. administration claims that doing

US In Crisis, Asean Advances, Philippines barks…

IMAGINE a former US president having his fingerprints and mugshot taken! A New York grand

Will PH Be Left Behind (Again) In Multipolar World?

CHINA brokers peace between Saudi and Iran, ending months of hostility. Chinese President

Who Will Lead In The 4th Industrial Revolution?

2023 marked the 10th anniversary of the Hannover Fair 2013, in which the idea of the

Nuland Puts PH In Next War After Ukraine?

IN an almost secret "Media Note" from the Office of The Spokesperson of the US State
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