Captain America And Comedian Team Up To Lose Ukraine

MUCH of the world is poised to spiral into potential crisis mode on several major fronts, we are already leading to destabilization of the economies and politics of several countries and may lead into another world war. The cause is not the Ukraine war that is often blamed by the Western mainstream media, but the insistence of the US to maintain its hegemony and expand the undeclared war to all countries not accepting their sole leadership.

US security interests and economic control are the only side that matters.

The elements of a world war, the creation of automatically activated military actions by entire blocs of nations, regardless of facts and reasons, which lead to world wars, are all growing today. The US is expanding military alliances with Aukus, Quad, now the Indo-Pacific “Economic” framework, TPP, etc. Even the European Union has expanded to include East Europe, now entering Asia — all set up to aggressively exclude and isolate, rather than include and harmonize with, nations not aligned with the US.

This primacy of US leadership above any sense of fairness or principle has been pointed out as defining the moves of the US, not its declarations of a fair playing field. This has been explained directly or indirectly not only by the more intelligent, experienced leaders around the world, but by many of the finest thinkers, historians, strategists in our time — Kissinger, Prof. Mearsheimer, Jeffrey Sachs, Mahbubani, former UK and US ambassadors and military leaders, and even by the internal documents and records of discussions at the Pentagon and White House. They point out that there is no limit to what the US will do to protect its sole leadership of the world economy and military, and what rules it will run by. If the US cannot win by the rules, the rules are to be changed.

Never has the world experienced so many developing potential crises simultaneously as today. We had oil price spikes in the ’70s, stock crashes in the ’80s and 2000s, currency crises in 1998 and 2008, revolutions around the world, but always one or two main issues at a time. Today we have energy shortages in Europe, price highs around the world for fundamental commodities, supply chain and logistic chokepoints, record inflations in several major countries, food shortages that threaten to spread, shock at the financial sequestration by the US of national sovereign accounts now including major countries, flooding of printed money without production of goods, US-CIA-NED-funded uprisings around the world, the US actually politicizing the clearing systems, even illegal detentions of major personalities, against even major countries.

All these amid a time when energy sources, agricultural produce, new technologies and applications for production, logistic and payment processes, transport facilities are advancing at unprecedented rates.

The US sanctions spread even to sports, arts and education as the US and the UK are even banning tennis players, joint research, Tchaikovsky and world literature like Dostoevsky, even going so far as to change the names of world famous Degas paintings from “Russian dancers” to “Ukrainian dancers”! Russian language was made illegal to use in schools in Ukraine years ago before the war. Ethnic cleansing? approximately 15,000 East Ukrainians killed in the last seven years. The US, the UN and Rappler (part of the NED-funded media) don’t talk about these attacks on human rights.

Ukraine’s war has become the lab experiment to watch for the world, where all the factors of the geopolitical chessboard can be observed as an experiment at the cost of Ukrainian and Russian lives — everything from military technologies, tactics, weaponized currency and finance, facial recognition apps, hypersonic and communication systems.

Correction of some popularized fake news on Ukraine

Despite what the UK and the US media are spouting that Ukraine is throwing back the Russians and poised to defeat it, Ukraine is losing the war and vast amounts of territory that might have been kept if they just ignored US rhetoric and complied with the earlier agreed Minsk agreement or negotiated a simple nonalignment.

Comedian actors like Zelenskyy may display fighting spirit, as actors are wont to, but geopolitical realities don’t follow sound bites, video angles and US orders — if you are up against an experienced rival like Russia.

Maybe if he had been through an American divorce, he would understand you can’t try to keep everything, or you might lose everything.

Eastern Ukraine and the Donetsk and Luhansk regions are in the final stages of clearing. Mariupol, the important port in the south, had fallen weeks ago, and the last Ukrainian holdout fighters in Azovstal monster steelworks facilities are surrounded and surrendering in dribs and drabs. Ukraine is likely to lose totally all its access to the Black Sea, a major logistical disaster!

Does that sound like the impending victory the US and the UK media had been announcing until lately? Last week they suddenly turned and suggested negotiation. Why?

This is not to say the Ukrainians did not fight bravely, but that they were taken for a big ride — and being made to pay for it with lives, territory, a crushed economy and facilities. Sure, they were able to hold Kyiv, and take back some towns, even invaded Russian territory in a spectacular strike, but there are few wars won in a straight line. The US laughs at Russian mistakes here, but Russians haven’t sneaked out at midnight in secret yet, unlike the US in Afghanistan. Time will tell.

Kyiv was a “good-to-have” but not key to Russian achievement of their goals. Russians adjusted their goals and tactics; Ukraine could not because the US decides what they can do or not, causing the repeated collapse and reneging of negotiations including the one in Istanbul — Putin was practical to recognize and declare negotiations with Zelenskyy or Ukraine as useless — the real party in interest is the US. Puppet decoys are effective for childlike nations.

Western media portrays Azovstal surrenderees as a Kyiv-ordered evacuation. Really? If it is Kyiv-ordered, why is it in small groups at a time? When for weeks Kyiv ordered everyone to stay and continue defending despite the food and water, arms and supplies being used up? It is actually the fighters unconditionally giving up the fight as already senseless, and Kyiv and the US trying to save face by calling it a withdrawal — into Russia’s POW camps?

Ukraine asked for more support. The US and the UK sent billions more in weapons, none that can turn the tide of the war but enough to achieve more Russian and Ukrainian casualties to blame Russia on, bleed the Russian economy, attempt more color revolutions by offering candies to young students, create a dependent vassal state out of Ukraine… the US and the EU even offered lend-lease arrangement for a war that Ukraine is fighting for them! (Pautangin mo ang pumapatay para sa iyo?! Ang galing!) And no response so far to the demand of Zelenskyy for $600 billion estimated to rebuild the country, after the West repeatedly promising support. But in fairness, the US did give worldwide media promotion, but then, on the other hand again, the Ukrainians did pay Hunter Biden through their favorite oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who did, after all, also pay Zelenskyy to be comedian, dramatic actor, dancer and finally, president.

That’s not all. The US will probably book a lot of well-paying speeches for Zelenskyy when he retires.

Sure, he can also author a bestselling book. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask…?!

That’s not all. Nobel Prize coming? Combined with an Academy Award? Canonization?

The Philippines, to be led by the Ferdinand “Bongbong Marcos” Jr. and Sara Duterte-Carpio team, now has to be more careful than ever in its policies and balancing between the intensifying competition of geopolitical forces.

We must not be led to be Asia’s Ukraine!

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