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Recovery and Living with Covid

The Delta variant that first appeared in India has arrived in the Philippines. Early success stories of Australia, Singapore, Israel, Taiwan, Indonesia and a few other countries in fighting off the virus

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What Carpio Doesn’t Tell You About Aquino, Trillanes, del Rosario and China

Narratives of retired justice  Carpio and former Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario has many missing parts that beg investigation for the benefit of any intelligent and objective person as well as “think tanks,” who want to know what really happened in the 2012 Scarborough Shoal. Key questions and stories are being blocked and stampeded to show China as the villain in the incident, the United States as protector, and the Carpio-del Rosario et al. group as heroes. Let us examine some facts and perspectives and ask ourselves why they and the people who know about them are always left out. A study of victories, errors, and realities is always good for us.

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