China Donations, Media Bias, Anti-Poverty Efforts

Rappler did not even include China’s donations in its initial December 21 report “Countries offer aid after Odette,” but later did update it. Inquirer’s “Foreign aid pours in for ‘Odette victims” story starts with the pledges (not yet fulfilled) of the US ally countries first, starting with Canada’s commitment of up to CAN$3 million, the European Union’s allocation of 1.7 million euros, South Korea’s pledge worth $2 million, and what Japan and the US “will provide.”

Biggest Threat In PH Future… Education Failing Our Students

The World Bank was asked by the Department of Education under Secretary Briones to apologize for declaring the crisis in the Filipinos’ bottom-dwelling performance in math, science and language — the components for succeeding or falling behind in the next stage of world development. Various international and local tests over the years had confirmed this dismal performance of Philippine learning.